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When: January 14th - March 18th

Sunday's 2:00-2:45pm

Tuesday's & Thursday's 6:45-7:30pm

Where: Noblesville Athletic Club

LOSE IT! 2018 Challenge

All you have to do is take the first step and sign up.  LOSE IT is for all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.  We will start the class at a beginner level, but by the time the program ends, you will be moving forward with your ability and craving more! All our instructors will demonstrate beginner, middle and advanced levels of exercise.

SALE!!! Dec. 11th- 17th!   Don't miss this deal!!!  Members: $99.00,  Non Members $139.00

What is LOSE IT?


NAC Member ~ $150.00

Non NAC Member ~ $199.00

(Non Members will receive a short term membership with their registration.  Membership will last through the entire program.  

*** Three - 45 Minute Classes Per Week!!!

*** 28 Classes!!!  

*** Basics of Nutrition Class!!!

*** Beginning Weigh In!!!

*** Beginning Measurements!!!

*** Bi-Weekly Weigh In!!!

*** Fitness/Food Journal!!!

*** Accountability Group!!!

*** Final Weigh In!!!

*** Final Measurements!!!

YOU could WIN a


Lose It is a program created by Noblesville Athletic Club to help members and non members stay healthy.  Exercise and nutrition are key to a long and happy life, so NAC wants to guide you into the love of fitness by investing in yourself!


What do you get with LOSE IT?