My yoga practice started six years ago where after a class, I found a sense of peace and calm along with an energy that I had not felt before. Yoga not only provided the sweat I craved, it provided insight about my own body.  As my practice continued to grow on and off the mat, so did my passion to share with others.  My journey to become a registered yoga teacher started here in Indiana, but for a multitude of reasons, never came to fruition. My heart led me to Costa Rica for a three week retreat under the guidance of Banyan Gallagher.  I arrived in Costa Rica hoping to receive a 200 hour teaching certification, what I left with was life changing.  I can say with a grateful heart, not only did I receive my teaching certification, I found a new love  and appreciation for yoga.  As I continue to grow my yoga practice through a vinyasa class, navigating life or sitting quietly to calm my mind, I know I will forever be a student of yoga!  I am humbled when given the opportunity to help others grow in their practice, whether it’s through a challenging posture, building strength, or quieting the mind.  My heart is full of this thing called yoga and it’s my absolute pleasure to share it with you!  

The semantics of my certification means that I studied yoga...postures, anatomy, yoga philosophy, sutras, breathing techniques, meditation, Chakras, and much more.  I look forward to sharing this amazing practice with you.


Richell Vaughn

Mother, Wife, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Aunt, and RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)

Richell Vaughn, RYT 200