Great place to work out!

​~K. McReynolds

"Invest in Your Health"

~R. Pogue

Good Afternoon!

I wanted to share with you some good news and my appreciation for your classes and wonderful instructors.  Last week we welcomed our second baby boy into this world.  I had a wonderful birth experience and I truly believe that the time I spent at NAC was a huge part of that.  I took Bri's Barre class throughout my pregnancy, loved it and found so much strength even in my third trimester.  As it became harder for me to see and reach my toes, I started coming to Richell's Saturday yoga class.  This was a game changer for me.  I was able to continue to exercise and at the same time found so much mental and emotional support.  Richell is such an incredible teacher and the joy that she brings to her classes is contagious.  I was able to use the skills she taught me during my labor and used calming breaths with each contraction.  I was bale to have the all natural birth that i always wanted.  

~M. Netherton

Has everything I need to what I need to do.  Staff is wonderful!

~J. Staffman

This gym is a place you can workout at any size or shape and feel encouraged and welcomed! I highly recommend it as a starting point!

​~L. Sheridan 


~Jonathan M. 

~ R. Bailey 

I truly enjoy the laid back atmosphere of this gym, the staff is always kind, and helpful.  The equipment is maintained as it should be, and facility is CLEAN!

~B. Heidelberger 

Great atmosphere and very friendly and helpful group instructors.

​~J. Axline 

Very Clean, incredible staff, laid back atmosphere

​~M. Fleming

~D. Sidner

Great classes! Very friendly staff!

​~J. Wurz

~R. Adams