Monday:             8:45am-9:45am Power Flow Yoga ~ with Richell

                            5:30pm-6:30pm Power Flow Yoga ~ with Richell

Tuesday:              7:30pm-8:45pm ~ Hatha Yoga w/ Pranayama ~ with Holly

Wednesday:       8:45am-9:45am Vinyasa Flow Yoga ~ with Renee
                         10:00am-11:00am Gentle Stretch Yoga ~ with Renee
Friday:              8:45am-9:45am Power Flow Yoga ~ with Richell

                         10:00am-11:00am Gentle Stretch Yoga ~ with Renee

Saturday:          8:45am-9:30am Yoga 101 ~ with Richell(Offered the 1st Saturday of each month only.)
                         9:45am-10:45am  Strengthening Slow Flow Yoga ~ with Richell